Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fun on Memorial Day Weekend

Here's a great picture of the boys up on the Firebreak Trail

Here's Devlyn and Druid. Devlyn was brushing Dru down because he said he's practicing for when he gets his own horse, Peek-A-Boo next week.

Devlyn and Conor "steering" the ship.

We're having fun and enjoying the sping/summer. It's been raining a bit pretty much every day, so we're squeezing fun in between showers. We went atving yesterday and had a blast. Jaeger and Monty went with us, though both ended up having to hitch a ride on the atvs (yes, big ole' Jaeger rode...how you ask? VERY carefully!). It was gorgeous out on the Firebreak trail, with fantastic views of the White Mountains. Next week, we will be getting Devlyn's new horse, Peek. Peek is a gorgeous 7yr old fjord mare from Haines, Alaska. We can't wait to get her home, because then Devlyn and I will be able to go for rides together this summer.

Well, we're off. Lots to do. Have a great day!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lots a goin' on!

Been a while since I last posted. Its really crazy how busy I got as spring arrived. Just when you'd think things would be winding down, they started hopping! Not only did we have the Valley Funale to plan/pull off, but there was testing week at all of our area schools (April), then I was running around doing fundraisers for the Hutchison Junior Class (we had a great raffle thanks to the donation of a limited edition BMX bike from one of our caring parents). During that time, we were planning Prom, with me running from here to there getting decorations and last minute details worked out. Along with all of that, we still had to sell the tickets...little did I know the amount of paperwork that goes with that! Sheesh! Once Prom was finished, the end of the year was upon us and all of the busyness that goes along with that. Can you say, graduation?!? I'm definitely not looking forward to that next year. But, at least we're already planning.

Summer is now here and does it find us slowing down? Heck no! Now, we're working with the horses, getting ready to start the new corral in the next few days, as well as planning a trip to Haines to pick up the newest addition to our herd, Devlyn's new horse, Peek-A-Boo. On top of that, Devlyn is signed up for soccer, while I'm taking the last class I need for my Masters degree, as well as doing some sled dog/pet sitting duties all summer. I also plan on getting all of the rooms in the house painted and need to fix up the spare room upstairs, after pulling out the old carpet. We certainly don't have time to sit on our proverbial laurels around here, that's for sure. ;o)

So, bear with me if my posts are few and far between, because we'll be out enjoying the summer. Cheers!

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